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you will develop an annotated bibliography of sources in connections to your research topic:

From our readings(Stanton,Anthony, Friedan)and beyond, trace the themes of American Dreams as they relate to equal rights for women. Create an argument that illustrates the extent to which these rights have persisted, have evolved, or have been satisfied. If they have not been satisfied, what work in the area of equal rights for women remains?


Please find a minimum of five sources that include one book, one newspaper article, and three academic journal articles. Each entry should summarize the source and explain how it connects to your thesis.


please also give me:

1. Revised thesis statement

2. Tentative Outline for Research Paper

3. Your 5 sources (One book, one newspaper article, three academic articles).

4. Thesis outline



1.list of citations   2.annotated-brief, describtive/evaluative paragraph

3.inform the reader  1)relevancy 2)quality  3)accuracy

4.    1)citation(MLA)   2)summary   3) Evaluation   4)notes


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