Annotated Bibliographies for Six Sigma Integration To (TQM): BUSI 610-D01 Liberty University-Literature Review Outline

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Literature Review Outline
I. Introduction
a. In an increasingly more complex and competitive global business

world industries and organizations are seeking ways to increase
efficiency to ensure their continued growth and presence.
b. A variety of systems including Six Sigma have been implemented to
improve efficiencies in modern organizations.

Hybrid Organizational Structures
a. Hybrid organizational systems have been at the forefront of business
i. Rooted in Toyota manufacturing lean manufacturing forms
ii. Six Sigma is continuous quality improvement developed by
b. Total Quality Management is persuasive among adaptive horizontally
structured companies.
c. Six Sigma integrated into TQM to form a most efficient organization.


Improving Project Management Processes through Six Sigma
a. Life cycle process called DMAIC (Define, measure, Analyze,
Implement, and Control).
b. The process model called DFSS (Define for Six Sigma)
c. Integrating frameworks and approaches through Project Management.
d. Future considerations must include framework and structural
management to integrate key elements of the Six Sigma and Project
management systems.


a. Little literature is available in published textbooks and books.
b. Most literature comes from manuals and consultant field.
c. Six Sigma and TQM is the key to modern adaptable, highly flexible

d. These processes are time consuming and require development.
e. As companies like Google, Amazon, and others grow look for more
published works concerning Six Sigma structures.


According to Daft (2013), Techniques such as outsourcing, teams, Six Sigma quality programs,
brainstorming, and the balanced scorecard have all been adopted without clear evidence that they
will improve efficiency or effectiveness. (Daft, p. 204, 2013).
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Management Review, pp. PP. 26-32.
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Oxford University Press, Inc.

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