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In the Week 4 Case Study: Assessment/Resources, Mrs. Ashland was asked to be part of a shared decision of assessment selection.

Mrs. Ford, the Director of the center, asks her to use her knowledge of developmentally appropriate teaching approaches to evaluate specific assessment tools and practices that may be used center-wide.  Mrs. Ford identifies the following tools for Mrs. Ashland to research and use in her classroom to help inform her decision:


    • Anecdotal Records
    • Checklists 
    • Rating scales
    • Rubrics 
    • Running Records


The textbook explores these assessments further and provides specific examples to use for administration. Using the information gained in the case study, as well as the information and examples presented in the chapter, administer two of assessments of your choice.  You may choose to administer to a child that you know and have permission to conduct an example assessment with, or you may use a child from one of the case studies in your text.

For this discussion, you will submit your reflections of the administration, addressing the following:   


  1. What do you think the strengths of using this assessment are?
  2. What did you find challenging when administering this assessment?  What is your action plan to improve this?
  3. After reviewing your findings, what did your results conclude?
  4. Based on your analysis of your assessment data, what are three recommendations that you have for the curriculum for the learner going forward?  How will you use the assessment data to make instructional decisions?








MUST BE atleast 300 words in APA format.




Required Resources


  1. Krogh, S. (2013). A Bridge to the Classroom and Early Care: ECE Capstone. San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education, Inc.
  • Chapter 5: Assessment and Evaluation: The Background


  1. Pretti-Frontczak, K., Carta, J. J., Dropkin, E., Fox, L., Grisham-Brown, J., Pope Edwards, C., & Sandall, S. (2013, February 7). Frameworks for response to intervention in early childhood: Description and implications. Retrieved from


  1. Heald, S. & Zaur, J. (2013). ECE 430: Week 4 case study: Assessment/resources. Ashford University, College of Education, San Diego, CA. 
  • In Case Study 4, Mrs. Ashland reflects on the day.  As a result of her reflection, we see examples of the role of collaborative support of children including family partnerships, administrative support, community resource use and assessment shared decision making.


Recommended Resources


  1. Snow, K. (2011).  Developing kindergarten readiness and other large-scale assessment systemsNAEYC Center for Applied Research.  Retrieved from
  • This report discusses specific considerations that take into account opportunities and serious cautions in the appropriate use of kindergarten readiness assessments.


  1. Candice Broom. (2011, June 3). Deacon’s PYP IB Portfolio for EY3 [Video File]. Retrieved from
  • This is an example of an ePortfolio created by an early childhood classroom teacher to showcase a 3 year olds learning.  
  • The Iris Center. (2012). Classroom assessment (Part 1): An introduction to monitoring academic achievement in the classroom. Retrieved from
    • This module discusses how progress monitoring can affect the academic outcomes of students, and it demonstrates how to implement curriculum-based measurement with a classroom of students.
  • The Iris Center. (2012). Classroom assessment (Part 2): Evaluating reading progress. Retrieved from
    • This module explores in detail the assessment procedures integral to RTI. It also outlines how to use progress monitoring data to determine if a student is meeting the established performance criteria or if more intensive.


    1. Pre-K Student Portfolios (
    • This website offers templates and tools for use in the pre-k classroom.  
  • Jing (
    • Jing gives you the basic tools to start sharing images and short videos of f your computer screen.


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