Analysis assignment on conflict, communication, and managing power

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  Read all of the articles and watch all of the videos posted for the week on Blackboard. Complete the Dutch Test(please see Attached file Dutch test-No need to submit the test but using the test answer below questions) to learn about your preferred style for handling conflict. Write a paper, 1-2 pages and single-spaced, that addresses each of the questions below. It is expected that you make explicit reference to the course readings/videos as relevant to your analysis. That is, show that you can appropriately apply the week’s material in your analysis. When doing so, italicize specific concepts or terms used and cite the reading, video, or website link (at least 2 or more cites). Given that I am familiar with all references from this course, you can simply put the author’s name or the title of the reading or website in parentheses to cite. 

1. Based on the results of the Dutch Test assessment that you took, what is your preferred style for handling conflict and why? When have you used one of these styles in your organization? What might you have done differently?

2. Describe a time when you have either given or received feedback in a work situation. Evaluate how this went as a form of communication based on the readings/videos for this week.

3. Based on the videos and readings on power, assess the importance of power in your career. What have you done to leverage your power? What could you do to better leverage your power in the workplace?

 Video link:   

Jeffrey Pfeffer: Why Cultivating Power is the Secret to Success  

Deborah Gruenfeld: Power & Influence  

Giving Feedback in the Workplace: How to Give Feedback to Employees  

Managing Conflict – Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument  

Effective Confrontation | Simon Sinek

 Readings: please find attached files “How to Give effec” and “Teaching Power”Analysis 

assignment Summary-please see attached file-Dutch Test(No need to do task but just give answers to three questions by doing the test) 

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