AMRM 600 Research Methodology Assignment One

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Department of Business

Bachelor of Applied Management

AMRM600 Research Methodology

Assignment One

Summer School 2013 / 2014

Due date: Monday 6 January 2014

Time: 4.00 pm


1 This is an individual assignment.

2 Submit one (1) Word File and one (1) Excel file by e-mail, submit one (1) electronic copy of the Word file via Turnitin.

3 This assignment must use APA referencing (6th edition).


Student Name/ID ……………………………………………………………………………………

CPIT and its division members reserve the right to use electronic means to detect and help prevent plagiarism. Students agree that when submitting this assignment, it may be subject to submission for textual similarity review to

Submissions received late will be subject to a penalty of 10% of the student’s mark per working day.

This assignment is worth 40% of the total marks for this course.

This paper has four (4) pages including the cover sheet.

Education and Applied Research Division Department of Business

AMRM600 Assign 1 Summer 2013 14.docx 19/12/2013 Page 2




Apply quantitative methods within the decision-making process.


Analyse and examine quantitative methods used in the business environment.


Demonstrate and apply the principles and methods of research.


Utilise common statistical tools contained within standard business software (particularly spreadsheets).

Background Information

This is an exercise in sampling.

The Christchurch City Council has hired your company ‘Knowledge Unlimited’ to research local residents’ use of public libraries. The research project will be undertaken in multiple stages. The first stage, which involved an online questionnaire of registered library users, has generated basic data which will allow your company to produce a profile of 1000 library users who responded to the online survey.

The next step of this research project is to do in-depth interviews of library users. As it is not cost effective to interview all 1000 respondents your company has decided to select and contact a smaller sample of fifty (50) library users. These fifty library users will be selected from the larger sample of 1000. Your task is to select the sample.

After reviewing your notes on sampling you realise there are four main approaches you could use; simple random, systematic, cluster, and stratified. You decide to try all four and select the sample of fifty that is most representative of the larger sample of 1000.

The file: Sample.xlsx contains basic information gathered for the 1000 respondents. It has been uploaded to the AMRM600 Moodle site in the assignments folder. You should take a few minutes to familiarise yourself with this file and see what data is included.

Education and Applied Research Division Department of Business

AMRM600 Assign 1 Summer 2013 14.docx 19/12/2013 Page 3


1 Simple Random Sampling (Excel)

The steps for doing a simple random sample using an Excel spreadsheet are:

1. Use the random number formula, =rand(), to allocate a random number to each person.

2. Copy and ‘paste values’ to stop the random numbers changing.

3. Sort the list, either low-to-high or high-to-low.

4. Take the first fifty (50) people as your sample.

Follow these steps to create this sample, copy the data for these fifty people into a new sheet in the Excel file.

(10 marks)

2 Systematic, Cluster and Stratified Sampling (Word and Excel)

In your own words, write a similar set of instructions for each of the other sampling methods; systematic, cluster and stratified. Take care to include all necessary steps. For cluster and stratified you will need to choose a suitable grouping variable, you could use gender, suburb, or employment status but you will need to choose a grouping variable suitable for each sampling method.

Following the steps you have just described produce each sample, copying each list into a new sheet in the Excel file.

(40 marks)

3 Statistical Tests (Word and Excel)

Your next task is to determine how well the age distribution of each small samples matches the age distribution of the larger sample.

For all samples calculate the average (mean, median, and mode) age, the standard deviation and variance of age.

Use F-tests and t-tests to compare sample means and variances of each small sample against the large sample.

Report the results of the statistical tests in a table, and comment on their meaning.

(20 marks)

4 Non-Probability Sampling (Word)

An alternative approach is to use non-probability samples. Explain when a researcher should use probability sampling, and when they should use non-probability sampling.

Choose two (2) non-probability sampling methods and explain how you could use them to select Christchurch library users to interview.

(20 marks)

5 Principles of Research (Word)

What are the main ethical concerns that arise when doing research?

Can you identify these, or any other ethical issues, in this project?

(10 marks)

Education and Applied Research Division Department of Business

AMRM600 Assign 1 Summer 2013 14.docx 19/12/2013 Page 4



Assessment Criteria Rating Poor Excellent

1 Simple Random Sampling

? Correct generation of the required sample.

? ? ? ? ?

Total ______ /10

2 Systematic, Cluster and Stratified Sampling

? Clear description of the sampling steps for systematic sampling.

? ? ? ? ?

? Clear description of the sampling steps for cluster sampling.

? ? ? ? ?

? Clear description of the sampling steps for stratified sampling.

? ? ? ? ?

? Correct generation of the required samples.

? ? ? ? ?

Total ______ /40

3 Statistical Tests

? Tests performed correctly.

? ? ? ? ?

? Clear and correct explanation of the results.

? ? ? ? ?

Total ______ /20

4 Non-Probability Sampling

? Clear explanation of when to use different sampling approaches.

? ? ? ? ?

? Clear explanations of how to use two different sampling methods, relevant to the case.

? ? ? ? ?

Total ______ /20

5 Principles of Research

? Identification of ethical issues relevant to the case.

? ? ? ? ?

Total ______ /10 Total ______ /100

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