Americans break down into three basic groups

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2. Americans break down into three basic groups — with some being diligently honest, others dishonest, and a bit more than a third having a more malleable set of values that tend to shift with circumstances. Why do you think one-third of people’s values shift with the circumstances? What do conflicting loyalties and multiple stakeholders have to do with it?
3. If it’s true that it’s easier to cheat as part of a group, what ramifications does that have for the workplace? Do emotions help or hinder group decision making?

4. One top CEO says that “integrity is like oxygen. If you don’t have it, nothing else matters.” What does this mean?

5. Rev. Kevin Wildes of Georgetown University says humans rationalize their behavior. “We just have this view that nobody’s really getting hurt, so there’s nothing wrong.” What does he mean? Do you agree that if no one gets hurt, it’s not wrong?

6. Which is more important, acting morally or legally? Why?

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