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1.Power fundamentally involves ______ between or among people ?
a.friendshipsb.shared propertyc.animositiesd.relationships
2. Power is ?
a. The ability to influence another person’s behaviorb. having many advanced weaponsc. achieving voluntary consensus among groupsd. persuading people to act independently of government authority.
3. Which of the following was NOT a weakness of the Articles of Confederation (1781-1789)
a. a weak “league of friendship “ among the statesb. the requirement of unanimous approval by all 13 states for amendmentsc. no judicial branchd. no congressional power to impose taxes.
4. Which of the following was NOT a strength of the Articles of Confederation (1781-1789)
a. the power to declare warb. conduct foreign policyc. manage a postage systemd. oversee an army composed of federal militia
5.Protection from government intrusion into the private lives and beliefs of citizens is guaranteedby the _________ and __________ Amendments ?
a. First and Secondb. Second and Ninthc. Ninth and Eleventhd. First and Ninth
6.How did the White House “spin “ the story of British troop withdrawal from Iraq ?
a. The withdrawal was needed to make room for the U.S troops surgeb. The withdrawal was recommended by Vice President Cheneyc. The this was a sign of political weakness for British prime Minister Tony Blaird. The withdrawal there was a sign of success of the coalition and of the British ore sense in southern Iraq

7. Though there are up to ______ judges on an appeals court , only _____ usually hear each case ?
a 12;5b.12;3c.15;5d.15;3
8.Approximately _______ of the country’s adult population has internet access ?a. one-thirdb. b.two-thirdc. three-quarters
9.Most Americans view themselves as members of the ______ class .
a.upperb.middlec.lowerd.none of the above ( they do not define themselves )
10. A plural elitist might consider the compromises struck during the health care reform debate to be an example of elite interest groups each pursuing and achieving their separate sets of agendas ?
a.plural elitistb.fundamentalistc.conspiracy theoriesd.Both A and C.

Human Resource Management
Human resource management is ?a.comprises the concepts and techniques used to control people at work.b. is the process of organizing work activities c .is the process of identifying countries with cheaper labor costs and relocating jobsd.refers to the practices and policies you need to carry out the personnel aspects of your management job.
2. _________ refers to the tendency of firms to extend their ownership to new markets abroad ?
a.Strategic human resourcesb. Trend analysisc.Globalization d.Outsourcing
3.Traditional job analysis focuses on ?
a.job duties and responsibilities work is accomplished c.who accomplished the work d.where the work is accomplished

4. Executive recruiters are also called ?
a.headhunters b. staffers c. alternative staffing companies d. all of the above.
5. James is currently identifying the specific job performance skills needed analyzing the skills of prospective trainees , and developing knowledge and performance objectives based on the deficiencies he finds. James is working on the _________ step in the training and developmentprocess.
6.Which of the following goals is the focus of diversity training ? create cross-cultural foster harmonious working improve interpersonal skillsd.all of the above
7. Which of the following is a way to increase 360-degree appraisals ?
e. Anchor the 360-degree items with behavioral competenciesf. Assess the cost of the program and carefully train the people giving and receiving feedbackg. Make sure the feedback given is productive, unbiased , and development-orientedh. all of the above

8. Assessing interests, seeking out career information, and utilizing development opportunities are all part of the __________ role in career development .
a. individual’sb. manager’sc.supervisor’’s

9. Which health benefits listed below is offered by almost all employers ?
a.Mental health insuranceb. Chiropractic insurancec.Medical care insuranced.Wellness program

10. Jason is an information systems technician in a town in North Carolina with a population of 100,000 . He earned $35,000 a year. He recently found out that a nearby town with a similar population pays people in the same position $40,000 a year .Jason is concerned with the ______ form of equity.

English Composition
1.When writing a comparison-contrast essay, you could be addressing any of these purposesEXCEPT for which one ?
a.Expressing an ideab.informingc.Narratingd.Persuading

2. As derived from FRENCH, the work “journal “ is the best thought of as ?e. a journeyf. dailyg. to inscribeh. to recount

3. The major problem in writing an argument based on inductive reasoning is the possibility offlawed or spurious ?e. inferencef. syllogismg. presumptionh. bias

4.Thinking about narrative categories, which sort of essay helps people feel that they’re joined in a common cause ?e. Entertainmentf. curiosityg. redemptionh. solidarity

5. A simple standard definition is normally composed of all of the following EXCEPT for ?
a.characteristics of some classb.the term to be definedc.a class containing the term to be definedd.the distinctive characteristics of the term
6.Which kind of descriptive device is used in the following sentence from a narrative ?“ As I looked around the room in search of clues, the teddy bear __propped up on the neatly made bed—stared at me with suspicious eyes. “
7.Which statement best illustrates the nature of a Bildungsroman ?
a.The hero in this story never seems to understand his own faults.
b. In Caldwell’s novel, her protagonist, Lucille, seeks the approval of seriously slimy
c. The hero in this story stands like a rock against tides of change that obstacles to achieve
d. In Caldwell’s novel, her protagonist , Lucille , overcomes many obstacles to achieve her goals.

8.Motivational letters are to encouraging positive action as diplomatic letters are to ?
a.sustaining important personal and organizational relationships.b.dealing with local, state. and federal regulatory agenciesc.resolving internet or external disputed.soothing the ruffled feathers of complaining customers .
9.Which phrase is most likely to be part of an effective thesis statement ?
a.i thinkb.thereforec.i my opinion
10.For Sternberg, Don Juan’s alleged serial sexual conquests illustrate ?a.infatuationb.puppy lovec.empty loved.fatuous love.

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