ALLIED BUS230 MODULE 5 and module 6 discussions

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module 5

Please answer the questions in 3 separate posts. I also encourage you to respond to your class mates posts. Remember that you must post to the DB 3 times. You may post to all 3 questions or post to one question (at least 100 words) and then post to 2 of your class mates. And do you have any personal experiences that illustrate the questions?

What are the main three different ways in which a contract can be discharged? Remember that breach of contract is breaking it – not discharging it. If I pay off my car, what kind of discharge is that? What other kinds of contracts can be discharged in the same way that paying off my car did?

Why is the statute of limitations important? What is the statute of limitations? Think of hospital – what problems could arise if there were no statute of limitations?

For your third post, please discuss something you learned in the text book that was interesting or surprised you. If you have other class mates, you may post to one of their posts for your third post.

module 6

Remember that you must post to the DB three times. You may post to all the questions below or you may post to one (at least 100 words) and then post to 2 of your classmates.

1. Discuss the Uniform Electronic Transaction Act. How and why did it come about? How do you use it in your life? (Think hard)

2. The Parol Evidence rule says that once you have a written contract that verbal evidence will not be used to change the terms of the written contract. Under what circumstances will the court allow Parol (verbal) evidence?

3. Chapter 16 discussed who bears the risk when various types of contracts are entered into and when the goods travel from seller to buyer. Give an example of a time when the risk is on the seller.

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