Activity paper . (film the stone family.)

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Begin your report with an introductory paragraph that sets up your focus and previews your paper. (1 point)

Part 1: Describe the Plot & Analysis (3 points)

Recount the major movements in the movie.

Part 2: Analysis

 Begin this subsection of your paper with an introductory sentence that describes what you will do in the section.

 Analyze events within the movie that were related to the topics subsumed under family relationships, interpersonal influence, interpersonal conflict, and social support. You should organize this section of your paper into paragraphs that each address and apply one aspect of course material. Also, you should strive to bring in a variety of topics covered in Chapters 11-14. Please bear in mind that the more links between the movie and class material that you explore, the more thorough your analysis will be. (10 points)

 End this subsection of your paper with a conclusion that summarizes the section. Part 3: General Implications (6 points)

 Begin this subsection of your paper with an introduction that previews the observations you made about the behaviors and dynamics of interpersonal interaction. When writing Part 3, feel free to use a few key concepts of your choice that are helpful to analyze dynamics of interpersonal interaction in general.

 End this section with a final paragraph that serves as the conclusion to your paper. 

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