Accounting audit case: keystone computers & networks, inc.

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 The working paper for Keystone Computers & Networks’ analytical review ratios is presented in this Appendix.

a. Recalculate the 12/31//X5 ratios using Excel.

b. After completing part (a), review the ratios and identify financial statement accounts that should be investigated because the related ratios are not comparable to prior-year ratios, industry averages, or your knowledge of the company.

c. For each account identified in part (b), list potential reasons for the unexpected account balances and related ratios.

(I already recalculate 12/31//X5 ratios in Excel. Feel free to change it if something is wrong.  For question B, we need to list what needs to be investigated. Question C, need to write a 1-2 page double space analysis)


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