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Academic Planning Worksheet

NOTE: This assignment has two parts. Be sure to complete
both for full credit.
Type your answer below each question.

Part 1: Goal Statement
(10 points)

1. Students come to NOVA for many reasons. Discuss your goals for attending NOVA (e.g., your program of study at NOVA; how the program of study supports you in achieving your goals; if you intend to graduate, the anticipated semester/year).

Program of study (RN). Just started prerequisites now, (takes abt 2yrs). Then continue at NOVA for the nursing program (another 2yrs)

Part 2: Transfer or Career Pathway Planning
(40 points)

*Based on the goals identified above,
either Option 2A
(Transfer Pathway)

(Career Pathway) –
do not complete both parts.

Chosen: Option 2B: Career Pathway (Do not plan to transfer after NOVA)

1. Discuss your plans after you leave NOVA and why earning your degree or certificate from NOVA is going to be useful to you.

2. When reviewing the jobs you are interested in pursuing, what are some of the minimum requirements and preferred requirements the employer is looking for in an applicant?

3. When looking at the requirements needed for this job, do you believe you will possess those qualifications after the completion of your degree? Why or why not?

4. What are some steps you can take to prepare for applying and interviewing for jobs?

5. Provide link to a job announcement for a position that is of interest to you after the completion of your degree when you submit this assignment. Review the opportunities on
NOVA’s Career Connection or an
online job search.

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