A Term Paper on Qubee Wimax sample essay

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A Term Paper on Qubee Wimax sample essay


By the cordial mercy of Allah, now we will be able to submit our report to our honorable teacher Tahsina Khan Nimmi we strongly believe that it would not be possible preparing such a report without her help.

Now we would like to thank our honorable teacher Mrs. Tahsina khan Nimmi for her keen efforts and invaluable guidance, helped us to understand, what the modern concept of marketing mix, Bostorn Consulting Group (BCG) matrix and SWOT analysis which help us to complete this successful completion of the report.

This acknowledgment will remain incomplete if we don’t thanks to this person who helped and being corporate with us specially Fayyad Ahmedul hye(Senior product manager-Qubee) for helping me to find necessary information regarding the report.

We would also like to express gratitude to our class members. They should be remembered because they produced the platform of our knowledge.

Finally we are really grateful to the other employees and officers of Qubee for their help and valuable advice. Again, I like to thank our honorable teacher for giving us such a chance in completion of the report

Finally, we like to say that, we have prepared this report from our own experience. We are ready to accept our unwilling errors and omission which belong to us.

Executive Summery

The report is prepared to determine the marketing mix, BCG matrix, SWOT analysis of Qubee. Qubee has strong and effective compensation policy which works for raising the morale, efficiency and cooperation among the employees and also adopting new operation process, marketing strategy. Through this report, a clear idea is generated about what actually marketing mix, BCG matrix, SWOT analysis is and its impact in Qubee, the importance of these, the methods and policy used to set for these, what type role these plays to encourage the employees to perform better and achieve the standards fixed and the Qubee’s view toward its necessity and success plus how they measure the results.

So I can draw a sharp line of the issue toward its impact of the total human resource management department and overall the total operation and efficiency of Qubee especially in the Foreign Exchange (Bangladesh & Pakistan branch).

Here I tried my level best to show the compensation system in online sector and integrate the total process with the functions of the Human Resource Management Department, after that I focused on the issue towards the contribution to other department and at last its contribution towards the efficiency and competitiveness of Qubee.


[pic]Qubee is part of the Augere group. Qubee is a new and exciting company from Augere providing fast and reliable broadband internet services to residential and business customers across Bangladesh. qubee believes that everyone should be able to enjoy trouble-free access to the internet and the world of opportunities that it brings. Their aim is to make a magical internet experience available to everyone, everyday, without exception.

Qubee is the creation of a group of global telecoms professionals who saw that a new technology called WiMAX could really change the internet experience for millions of people worldwide. WiMAX means that people don’t need telephone lines or cable to get connected: all people’s need is to live close enough to a transmitter to receive the internet wirelessly. Qubee is busy building a network of base stations to offer their brand of internet access right across Bangladesh. They’re starting in Dhaka, but quickly plan to do the same in cities nationwide. Qubee has gathered a highly talented team right here in Bangladesh to build a company that’s determined to improve the internet experience for millions of people – not just here, but ultimately all over the world.


Augere Wireless Broadband Bangladesh Ltd, one of the licensees to whom BTRC gave license last year to run business providing Wimax [pic]

facility in Bangladesh, has inaugurated Wimax internet service in some selected areas of the capital. The inauguration ceremony was held on 21st October in a hotel in Dhaka. Augere named much-waited Wimax internet service “Qubee”.

On its inauguration ceremony, Russel T Ahmed, head of marketing, Augere, said that the service is initially being given in Gulshan, Banani, Mirpur, Bashundhara Residential Area, and Uttara Residential & Commercial Area. Anyone living in these areas can become a subscriber of the country’s first Wimax service provider, Qubee. Augere said that the service will be available in each part of the country in near future.

WiMax is a technology that provides wireless transmission of data using a variety of transmission modes from point-to-multipoint links to portable and fully mobile internet access. Bangladeshi internet users have been dying for this technology since past few years. Last year Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) arranged an auction for starting Wimax business in Bangladesh. Augere, who has already started Wimax Internet service in Bangladesh under the brand name “Qubee”, is one of the four winners of the auction.

After the launch of Wimax in Bangladesh with the hand of Augure wireless Broadband Bangladesh Ltd, mixed reaction is seen among general people of the country. Most of them are not satisfied due to the “Extreme Monthly Charge” applicable for Wimax customers. However, on the inauguration ceremony of Qubee, it was said that the monthly charge will be reduced by making some offers in future.

What’s qubee:

Qubee is the real internet experience from Augere. They believe that everyone should be able to enjoy trouble-free access to the internet and the opportunities that it brings. They also believe that in the internet world, speed is happiness so they offer fast and reliable download backed up by customer service that never sleeps. They aren’t just making the internet work; they’re making it work beautifully.

Where’s Qubee:

Qubee is a new company providing fast, reliable and competitively priced broadband internet services to emerging markets around the world. They believe that everyone should be able to enjoy trouble-free access to the internet and the world of opportunities that it brings. Their aim is to make a magical internet experience available to everyone, everyday, without exception. [pic]

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