A married couple dealing with alzheimers disease

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Case Study Assignment of Occupational therapy:A married couple dealing with Alzheimers Disease
 APA format / PowerPoint formatted

·  Explain the primary and secondary medical diagnoses and all signs and symptoms commonly associated with this (these) medical condition(s). 

· List treatment approaches, theories models of practice and articulate their appropriateness as it relates to the individual client.

· List at least 4 statistics obtained from research regarding the medical diagnoses (e.g., symptoms, prevalence, prognosis, medication(s) )

· Explain the role Occupational therapy plays and the role/role delineation its practitioners play in the health care setting of where your case study is taking place, i.e., hospital, out-patient, pediatrics, etc.

· Engage in the consultative process with persons, groups, programs, organizations, or communities in collaboration with inter- and intra professional colleagues:

· Create a clinical picture of patient based on performance areas, performance skills, and body functions (utilizing the OTPF 3rd ed. and data from the case study) by making a table grid and describing each area. 

· Explain the progression of adjunctive to purposeful activity.  Allocate Write 2 LTG (one needs to be an educational goal) and 1 STG for each LTG. The goals should directly relate to the problems.

· Describe a designed 45-minute treatment session time for each component (e.g. 10 minutes for described adjunctive activity, 30 minutes for described purposeful activity)

· Incorporate into the designed treatment session an understanding understanding/learning derived from evidenced based practice research and the teaching/learning process plus describe and/or demonstration of knowledge of the use of technology in practice, which must include:

Ø Electronic documentation systems

Ø Virtual environments

Ø Telehealth technology 

· Incorporate patient/caregiver training by demonstrating the principles of the teaching-learning process using educational methods and health literacy education approaches:

Ø To design activities and clinical training for persons, groups and populations

Ø To instruct and train the client , caregiver, family, significant others and communities at the level of the audience

· APA format. Submit a  PowerPoint slides formatted paper,  which should be free of spelling and grammatical errors. Utilize resources learned in course and library orientation. 

APA style format and content

Ø Introduction/Cover page: tabs, centering, page numbers, organization of headings as per APA style

Ø Font size, paragraph organization, headings, use of paraphrase and citations are accurate.

Ø Content is a clear, well organized topic by paragraphs: introduction, body, conclusions.

Ø Reference page in alphabetical order with correct format for reference. All references within 10 years. 

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