A 2000 words count report (course: responsible management in asia)

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This assessment is to be completed by individual students.

An individual student is to write a written report on a topic of corporate-NGO collaboration in emerging markets in Asia. Refer to Topics 3 and 4 for more information. As in Assessment 1, your selected case(s) will have to be about real-life instances and to be fairly recent (not older than seven years) and have to be located in the Asia Pacific region.  Hint: your description and analysis have to be sensitive and specific to a specific context (paying particular attention to economic, regulatory, formal and informal, societal, cultural, and religious institutions in a particular country/regional context. This assessment requires you to produce a well-written and well-researched piece supported by a minimum of 15 references.  At least 6 of these references should come from academic peer-reviewed sources and the remainder from industry and media sources including websites, company reports, news reports, newspaper articles, industry publications, and so forth. Note that the Chicago 17 referencing style is the only acceptable referencing style for written work in this unit.

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