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The Unit 5 Assignment tasks you with the synthesis of the four functions of management: planning, organizing, leading, and controlling,construct a PowerPoint presentation that addresses the connection between the four functions. 

Using the company, you selected back in Unit 1 and you will construct a slide deck that traces the organization’s progress through the POLC functions. Outcomes evaluated through this assignment include AB140-02 and GEL-1.02.

Assignment Checklist:

  • Describe how the four functions of management relate to each other.
  • Introduce your company and its mission.
  • Keeping in mind the organization’s mission, identify one strategic goal and trace that goal through the tactical and operational levels of planning with one specific example at each level.
  • Specify the appropriate person in the organization responsible for managing the goals at each level (organizing function) as well as what forms of power would be most useful in each level (leading function).
  • Describe at least one formal control that would aid in evaluating progress toward the operational goal you identified. Be sure to mention how you would measure the control.
  • Your submission should include a title slide, main content slides, and reference list slide.
  • For assistance formatting a reference list in APA format, please see the “Citation and Plagiarism Resources” link under “Academic Tools”.
  • The presentation should include at least 8 slides.

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