7-2 module: data-based recommendations and outcomes | Management Science through Spreadsheets | Southern New Hampshire University

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I need help with this practice sheet–

 Overview: Another important consideration when making business recommendations is future outcomes. You must be able to use forecasting tools and the  right data to predict elements that affect the future of the business. Using this analysis, along with your analyses and problem statement, you will be able to  make recommendations to the organization, such as whether or not to outsource manufacturing. 

Prompt: Next, you will be required to make formal recommendations in order to address the organizational challenges, supporting your strategies with  applicable and relevant data. You will also need to communicate your recommendations and findings to the appropriate stakeholders. 

Finally, you will need to  consider the organization’s future outcomes based on a forecasting analysis. Specifically, you must address the critical elements listed below.  

I. Recommendations and Future Outcomes: 

A. Produce a forecasting analysis using exponential smoothing in order to determine the demand of the product line.  

a. Assume Double digit growth 12% evenly distributed quarterly  

b. Alpha value: 0.2  c. Beta value: 0.5  

B. Based on your problem statement and analysis of the data, recommend effective strategies that will resolve each of the organization’s  challenges cited earlier.

I’ve attached sheets, guidance and prior works/supports that play a role in completing this. Essentially, the problem statement from 1-3 (see attachment) plus the data from 5-2 (see attachment) are used to create the 7-2 form (Recommendations and Outcomes) using the frame and parameters shown above.

Please let me know if you need any other tools/resources.  Thanks in advance! 

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