7-2 discussion: the relationship between social sciences,

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Over the last few weeks, you have conducted research in your field of study to identify a research problem you will turn into a research question. In your initial post, consider patterns you found as you were looking at this information. What did you notice? What is the relationship between your field of study in social science and the methodologies and data types you found? If a particular methodology was selected over others, what might the impact on your field of study be? (Hint: Refer back to your answers in your Module Six journal entry.)

Then, choose two peers who are studying a social science field different from yours. As you review your peers’ initial posts, answer at least two of the following questions as you compare patterns of methodology choices in their social science and yours:

  • Do you see other limits in their social science that they did not identify?
  • What might the impact of those limits be?
  • How do the methodology and data types preferred by their social science compare to those preferred by yours? Are there overlaps? Major differences?
  • What do you see as the impact of these preferences, and is there something that could be gained in their social science if they were to embrace some of the methodologies and data types used by your social science?

To complete this assignment, review the Discussion Rubric.

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