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  1. Refer to Chapter 5 of your text and your chapter notes.
  2. Read the question below.
  3. After preparing your response, click the above title link to take the Chapter 5 Essay Quiz. 
  4. Do not open the quiz until you are ready to submit your essay. 
  5. Please save and submit your essay as a word document by browsing your computer and attaching the file in the space provided. 

Essay Question:

Marji, a 10-year-old preadolescent, is going to enter junior high next year. Based on your knowledge of adolescent development, what can you predict about how Marji’s relationships with her friends will change throughout junior high and high school? (HINT: How do childhood peer relations differ from adolescent peer groups?)

Please follow the directions below as you build your essay.  


As you organize your thoughts, consider this:

a) The change in time spent with peers and adults

b) Does adult supervision change?

c) Is there a change in time spent with opposite-sex peers?

d) The definition of peers, crowds and groups and the roles they play in the adolescent social network.

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