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 An important part of college, and any content creation, is organizing and storing your information. When you write an academic papr, part of what you will do is use other people’s research to support your assertions. When you do this, you have to properly quote and cite this information (or paraphrase with citation), and then reference this information. When in college, the typical citation methods include APA, MLA, and Chicago. In addition, there are others such as AP, AMA, Bluebook, and IEEE.

The Week 7 Final Project requires you to have a reference page. For this reference page, you will use the citation style of your program of choice. For the Week 4 Discussion Topic, please answer the following questions:

  • What citation style does your program of choice use?
  • After researching this citation style, what types of challenges will you face when using this citation style?
  • How does collecting other people’s research help when trying to synthesize information for your own academic endeavors (CO8)?
  • What are the ethical ramifications of not quoting, citing, or referencing other people’s research in your academic work (CO4)?

***Citation style is APA***

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