2 peer responce stress management | NURS 3335 | University of Texas at Arlington

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You  will submit your original post, then engage at least two of your online  colleagues in a discussion about his/her responses by responding to  their posts. Therefore, you should have at least one original posting  and one response to each of two colleagues. Please note that your  postings and responses must be “substantive”, which means that they are  to add to the discussion and be made AFTER you have read the assigned  material (at least 3-4 well-written sentences for each prompt). Please  note that your Discussion Board assignments are worth a significant part  of your course grade, therefore, you are expected to put thought and  effort into these entries.

Please do not attach your  discussion board posts as word documents. You may type your post in a  word document, but then it needs to be copied and pasted into the actual  discussion board thread before submitting. 

I need you to do 2 peer response, approx 4 sentences to each. One for Kaleb and the other one for Osuji. Thanks

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