2-1 short presentation: fundamentals of agile | QSO 435 – Adaptive Project Management | Southern New Hampshire University

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For this activity, you will submit a five-slide Power Point presentation that includes a narrative of the speaker notes within the PowerPoint presentation. Your supervisor, the senior manager for the PMO, is excited by the success stories being reported about the use of Agile. Your supervisor wants to present Agile practices at the next monthly operations program management review (PMR). The VP of Operations and the directors of the various divisions within Operations are the target audience for this presentation. As the newest person on the staff, you are asked to create a short slide presentation to be presented by your supervisor at the next weekly staff meeting. In your presentation, you will:

  • Keep your presentation format to five slides composed in bullet point format.
  • Describe characteristics of Agile.
  • Make distinctions between Agile and waterfall project management.
  • Include speaker notes within each slide that elaborate on the corresponding topic for presentation purposes.

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