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When I came at this country I had the opportunity to taste different kinds of food from different country, and all of them are delicious. I tried Mexican food, Chinese food, Ethiopia food and Italian food. At the beginning I preferred to eat Mexican food because it is the same as my country. Then I went to different Italian restaurants, and I like this type food. However, in this country there are many Italian restaurant, my favorites Italian restaurants are Olive Garden and Uno Chicago pizzeria.

Even though Oliver Garden and Uno Chicago Pizzeria are both Italian restaurants, there are some differences between them. The first reason is how they are convenience. Oliver Garden is located in the suburban area, so you have to drive some miles from the city. In contrast, Uno Chicago Pizzeria is located in the city center, and you can take the metro or bus because the subway station is in front of the restaurant. Also, they have differences on their rules of parking. Uno Chicago Pizzeria is locatable on the mall differ from Oliver Garden. For instances, In Oliver Garden you have to pay $10.

00 per hour parking, while in Uno Chicago Pizzeria you do no need to pay it because you just need to validate your ticket in the restaurant and have free parking.. To sum up, these restaurants have the same kind of food, but their location are different. Another reason is their food. Oliver Garden has a lot of variety food, whereas Uno Chicago Pizzeria its specialty is pizzas. Oliver Garden server a lot of choices such as pastas, pizzas, salads, soups, and seafood, while Uno Chicago Pizzeria jus has a lot of choices on pizzas and some salads.

In addition, their food quality is different. Uno Chicago Pizzeria shows its customers on the menu how many calories each choice has; on the other hand, Oliver Garden does not have nutrition information on their menu. For example, if you go to eat at Oliver Garden, you do not how many calories have the dish that you are eating. However, Uno Chicago Pizzeria shows you all the information about nutrition information. All in all, these restaurant have different variety and quality, but their food is delicious.

The final difference is the atmosphere that you live in these restaurants. Oliver Garden does not provide entertainment; nevertheless, Uno Chicago Pizzeria provides a lot entertainment. For instances, in Uno Chicago Pizzeria, you can listen music and watch TV while you are eating and enjoy that moment. On the other hand, Oliver Garden does not have these entertainment. Also, Uno Chicago Pizzeria makes decoration in the restaurant on every holiday, whereas Oliver Garden has the same decoration the whole year.

For example, in Valentin’s days Uno Chicago Pizzeria puts hearths and chocolates to decorate their tables. In contrast, Oliver Garden does not have nothing to call the attention of costumers on this especial day. Oliver Garden and Uno Chicago Pizzeria are both Italian restaurant, yet their atmosphere is different. To conclude, restaurants are different one to another one. Oliver Garden and Uno Chicago Pizzeria are different in their location, food and atmosphere. It will be interesting to look forward if these restaurants are still continues having the same or more differences.

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